Monday, October 17, 2016


The Amish have become a culture I almost envy, the simplicity, community, the family. I have come to love reading stories about them. In this series, Kathleen Fuller draws you into the family and you almost believe the Schrock sisters are real people. You care about them, their heartbreak, fears, and disillusionments, hoping for a happy ending.

Having read the first book of the series, I missed the second somehow. When I received the third and final book, A LOVE MADE NEW, I had to read the second one first. As always with Kathleen’s books, I was not disappointed.

Abigail, is the middle sister, and now both her sisters are married. Expecting a proposal she is dumped by her boyfriend. Feeling unwanted she continually puts herself down and doesn't decides she will be remain a maedel.

Asa, having just returned to Birch Creek under the leading of God he is unsure of why God has brought him back when he was content where his family had moved.

I received a free copy from  Thomas Nelson Publishers . No review, positive or otherwise, was required - all opinions are my own.

Friday, October 14, 2016


Forgiveness! A word often overused, misunderstood and unpracticed.  forgiveness by Marianne Evans proved to be a book that surprisingly slams you with the truth but does so in a way that communicates and inspires contemplation. 

Chase Bradington, is a Country Western singing star that succumbed all too commonly to the lure of fame, drugs and alcohol. At the death of his best friend and band member he reaches the end, and  admits himself to rehab and with the help of his mentor finds Christ.

Pyper Brock, and up and coming artist and the step daughter of Tyler Brock, a CW legend.  The attraction between the two is instant and met with resistance from Pyper due to issues of her own.

Their agent wants the two to pair up for a duo on the song Chase has written. Reluctantly Pyper agrees with unforeseen consequences.

You will find yourself walking the path of unresolved bitterness and the struggle with forgiveness with the characters.

I received an advanced reader copy of Forgiveness. I was not required to leave a positive review. My 
opinion in 100% my own.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


We all have wishes, some come true and some we wait and never see. The Wish by Beverly Lewis is a book about a wish that is more hope. A hope in the future and God's ultimate grace.

Amish Leona Speicher forms a sisterly friendship with a neighbor girl, Gloria Gingerich, and her family. Gloria's father is banned from the church and then one day they are gone with no warning. 
Leona is devastated and prays continually for her friend for several years.

Gloria unexpectedly sends a letter that gives Leona concern so she decides to go see her friend. The Gingerich's have gone "fancy" or become Englisch. Gloria is the only one who misses the Plain life and seems to be having questions as to the direction she wants her life to go.

Has Leona's prayers and her wish been granted? What will Gloria decide and will the community accept her?

I received this book free for an honest review.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I jump and a chance to read a Cindy Woodsmall book, although I do hate having to wait on a sequel. :-) Fraying at the Edge is the second in the series of The Amish of Summer Grove. I'd read the first one and need a refresher to remember all the circumstances.

Ariana Brenneman believes she is a twin of an Old Order Amish family, but at twenty years old she finds out she was switched at birth with an Englisch girl Skylar Nash. Skylar's dad insists that the girls switch places for a year and this is the story of that turmoil in both girls lives.

The Englisch couple, Nicholas and Brandi were not married so Ariana must divide her time between both houses. Nicholas says he doesn't believe in God and is determined to convince Ariana and bring 
her out of the Amish.

The Brenneman's try to show love and patience. But Skylar, who has been giving the option of rehab or the family she doesn't know, continues to sneak drugs and plans on escaping.

My only protest is that now I have to wait for book three. Cindy does like to leave us hanging lol.

I received this book free from WaterBrook for an honest review.