Wednesday, July 29, 2015


A MIND OF HER OWN by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer is different at the very least. It deals with the controversial subject of multiple personalities, as well as retrograde amnesia , repressed memories and relationships.

Louisa Copeland Jazz Sweet is the wife of Collin, has spent her life being the perfect daughter, wife and mother. While preparing dinner she has a George Foreman grill fall on her head and wakes in the hospital. She wakes from a concussion convinced she is someone named Jazz Sweet, a novelist.

I often have a problem reviewing a book as I never want to spoil it for others by telling too much. Suffice it to say it is an interesting story. It deals with the relationships of a family and the things we often miss up close and offers insight we often miss as to how we are perceived by others.

It is interesting book and I would recommend it overall. I received this book free from Tyndale Publishers for an honest review.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


FREEDOM'S CHILD by Jax Miller is an unusual book. I admit I'm not sure how to rate it or even review it. They story is captivating but not easy to digest. Also if cursing and suggestive scenes bother you than I don't recommend you read it. It also paints a less than favorable picture of the church until the later part of the book.

It's a story of Freedom (Nessa Delaney) a woman accused of killing her husband cop who is in witness protection. During the time she was in jail while the legal system sorted things out, she was told to sign away her rights to her children.

Her husband's family are thugs. One of the brothers serves time for the murder and when he gets out they all go in search for her and the children.  What ensues is not for the weak to read. The outcome is suspenseful  until the end.
I received this book free from Crown Publishers via Water Brook for an honest opinion and review


Novellas are teasers, although they usually cover the basics that a novel does, it's in lots less space. They both often leave you wanting more of the story, a least a little more. I HOPE YOU DANCE by Robin Lee Hatcher is a charming story of a dance instructor, Skye Foster, who feels her biological clock may be ticking . She lives in a small town in Idaho where everyone knows everyone.

Skye is teaching all the wedding attendants of a friend's wedding. Enter Grant Nichols, a friend of the groom, who is new to the town and has kept to himself on a farm. Will they make a connection? Will they overcome the obstacles presented in the differing goals and dreams?

As usual Robin writes a thoroughly pleasurable and inspirational story. I enjoyed it and know anyone would also.

I received this novella free for an honest review from Zondervan via Thomas Nelson Publishers .

Saturday, July 11, 2015


The narrative is about a white woman, Luci Garland, who is kidnapped after a stagecoach is attacked by a band of Lakota's. Golden Eagle, the chief's son, is the leader of the band and the one who finds her hidden and takes her hostage instead of killing her. Golden Eagle is immediately enamored and protects her, changing her name to Morning Star.

The story chronicles the hardships of Morning Star, the eventual adapting and acceptance into the tribe, the continued treaty breaking of the white man and eventual  Indian Wars. Then the tribes response and Morning Star's part in the outcome is central to the story.

I have always enjoyed reading novels with a historical setting, especially of native Americans. I do get disturbed at the atrocities that were done to them. Although I enjoyed the story M.V. Tosi wrote in THE CRIMSON PATH OF HONOR I do question her artistic license pertaining to the dialogue. I felt it was a little unbelievable in parts, however we do know the Native Americans were much more intelligent than they were given credit for.

I do recommend the book as it is humorous at times, romantic, heart tugging and captivating overall.

I received this book free from WestBow Press a division of Thomas Nelson, for an honest review.