Sunday, May 1, 2016


Miriam by Mesu Andrews was a book that was both compelling and at the same time bordered on hard to read. Hard to read because I know the story so well, but compelling as it is a fictional impression of the characters we are so familiar with and brings them to life.

There are some insightful thoughts and concepts which give you much to ponder. You also are able to put flesh and blood to the people we all have read so much about and they become more three dimensional and come of the page. You will have a little more understanding of the times, the fears, even the comfort of the familiar. The courage needed to choose to leave the only life they had known.

However, you have to remind yourself that this is a work of fiction and may not be at all the type of qualities and the persons they were.  

I would recommend this book to people who want to understand a little more the life and choices the Israelites had.

I received this book free for an honest review from WaterBrook Publishers.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Denise Hunter always seems to write a captivating story. The Goodbye Bride doesn't disappoint. A spirited bride, a hunky hero and of course the conniving rival, all make for a book that you just have to keep turning the pages.

For months Zac Callahan searched for Lucy Lovett after she disappeared seven months ago. Now he has tried to move on, then he receives a phone call, from Lucy asking him to come get her.

Lucy  awakes with no memory of the last seven months. The last she remembers she's engaged to Zac. with the wedding around the cornor. She's in a wedding dress, so believes she it's the day she is to marry  Zac.

Who is she about to marry if not Zac? Why did she run? She has lost seven months of her life. Does she want to remember since running is what she does best? Will She return to the latest fiancé or will her and Zac find their way back to each other?

As always I found Denise's storytelling compelling. She has a way of weaving her characters into believable and endearing people. With just a touch of intrigue her books are hard to put down.

I received this book free for an honest opinion from Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Monday, April 11, 2016


I have read several of Tracie Peterson's books and enjoyed them although they are often involved and sometimes hard to read because of it. A TREASURE CONCEALED is one that I really found hard to finish because of that. It became so predictable although involved. I found myself frustrated at the way the story was evolving and irritated at the characters in the story.

Emily Carver is the daughter of a gold crazy man and his ill wife who feels compelled to take care of her parents. Caeden Thibault is a young man born of privilege who resents his dad's business ethics and lack of parental love.

Caeden proceeds to get a college education, turns his back on his dad's business and become a geologist. He travels to Montana where he meets Emily and her parents. Before he died his dad had made some arrangements that Caeden refuses to acknowledge.

I received this book free for an honest review from Bethany House Publishers.


FAITH by Lyn Cote is the first Quaker book I've read. The Quaker's are similar to the Amish in some ways but there are some marked differences. They both believe in non violence, which is the issue here, but the Quakers are also known for being abolitionist. 

Faith Cathwell, a Quakeress, in an attempt to find a freeborn friend,  has become a nurse during the Civil War. Honoree, the sister of the girl they are searching for, also a nurse,  accompanies Faith.

Faith encounters Devlin Knight, a Colonel in the Union Army, and enlists his assistance. Dev is dedicated to preserving the union but he owns a slave and refuses to free him as promised. He knows he will join the war and he fear that he will be killed.  

Faith and Dev, in spite of the many obstacles are drawn to each other. Will their differences be to many and too much to overcome?

Lyn has written a captivating tale which shows much of the confliction of the Civil War. It really was family member against family member. Often meeting on the battle field.

I received this book free from Tyndale Publishers for an honest review.