Sunday, June 26, 2016


I just finished A HAVEN ON ORCHARD LANE by Lawana Blackwell. I had read The Gresham Chronicles previously so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.
Charlotte Ward a stage actress that has made some bad choices in marriage. Approached by a former colleague to return to the stage, she attempts to escape her controlling husband, Lord Fosberry, who married her only for the fortune he thought she had. Exhausted she forgets her lines on stage and becomes hospitalized.

Rosalind Kent is the estranged daughter that Charlotte left in the care of an aunt she trusted to care for her daughter.  Believing she was abandoned and unwanted by her mother there are years of distrust and resentment. Prodded by the principal at the ladies college where she teaches, she takes her mother to a small town to hid away and recoup.

Will the relationship be repaired? Will Lord Fosberry seek revenge for the wrong he considered done to him.

Lawana writes a turn of the century story set in London with compelling characters, touching on family relationships some romance, and a little intrigue.

I received this book free for an honest review from Bethany House.

Saturday, June 18, 2016


Very seldom do I find it impossible to finish a book. A Dream of Miracles  by Ruth Reid was one. I picked it up and put it down too many times, unable to continue. It's not because of the writer's ability to draw you in, if anything that is the reason. It is the subject, the characters. It's a story I find myself being able to empathize with and become angry and defensive about.

Mattie Diener is a young Amish widow with two children. Bo Lambright is a social services investigator. Of course, circumstances bring them together and you can let you mind jump to where this will be headed.  As always there is other people involved that only complicate the matter.

To not get on a soap box I will only say that too often the system interferes when they have no business to because of some so called well meaning busy body. Before you get you take this wrong, I do know there are times when they should. Unfortunately too often they should when they don't and don't when they should. Enough said!

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers for a fair and honest review.

Sunday, June 5, 2016


colors of goodbye is the story of a young woman on the cusp of life with so much to live for and so much potential who loses her life and the loss to the family, friends and community. It's hard to even know how to write a review. There can be no spoil alerts as the end is known. This is one mother's story of how it affected her and the extended family.

Katie Vaudrey was in the summer between her freshman and sophomore years of college, starting the first day of her job. An artistic, outgoing, loving Christian young girl that lived and shared her faith, she died too soon.

September Vaudrey wrote a heart wrenching account of her and her families journey through the loss of a child. I found it hard to read, many tears and emotions. I cannot imagine the pain.

I received this book free for an honest opinion from Tyndale Publishers.  


Well here I am venturing into a new endeavor, I'm now reviewing for FISHFLIX.You can find them at  FishFlix is a company that handles "Christian Movies to Inspire and Entertain."

The first movie I viewed, 97 FEET,! was disappointing to me. It had a good story just, as too often with Christian movies, it's low budget which often means subpar acting and script writing.

It's a story of a mining town that experiences the double whammy of the economic decline and then a mine collapse with men trapped. The 94 feet is the depth they had to go to reach the men.

As I stated earlier, there was a good story there, but we have to do better in the script writing and acting to reach outside the church to inspire. I'm anticipating more and better movies from FishFlix in the future.

I received this movie free for an honest review from FishFlix.