Tuesday, June 24, 2014


A little mystic, a little romance, and lots of mystery in a Christian novel, that's what you get when you read SEAGRASS PIER by Colleen Coble. The book was an interesting concept even if a little unbelievable.

Elin Summerall lost her husband, had a virus that damaged her heart and then had a heart transplant. She begins to have nightmares that she's convinced are the memories of her heart donor's murder.
The newspaper ran a story about her recurring nightmares but most people don't believe her. The story did however attract the unwanted attention of the killer.  A man from her past, Marc Everton,  reappears working for the FBI and inquiring about her dreams. He agrees to help her and himself becomes a target.

Will they be able to find the person responsible for her donor's murder before he succeeds in murdering her? Will their attraction to each other be able to get past the walls they each have up? Will her friends be unwittingly drawn into the mystery and be in danger?

Colleen draws you into the narrative even if you are skeptical, it is after all a work of fiction.

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publisher for an honest review.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Do we put too much emphasis on the outside, what we see? In doing so do we put unrealistic expectations on the person without really knowing the person? In doing so do we exacerbate the dehumanization of that person? These are the questions that come to mind as you read A BROKEN KIND of BEAUTIFUL by Katie Ganshert.

Ivy Clark is a young model about to turn 25, the age that may spell the end of her 10 year career. Starting at a young age she soon learned to turn off her emotions and put on a facade. Davis Knight was a fashion photographer who left New York and the industry do to the guilt he has assumed over his sisters accident.

Circumstances bring them together as they take on a photo shoot for a magazine and charity fashion show. Davis is a Christian and he sees through the public image Ivy portrays. He endeavors to demonstrate who God is and that He has more for her. Will he be successful? Will Ivy be able to believe God is a God of love and can forgive her?

Was a good read with much to think about. Would recommend it to the young women wishing to be models in particular.

I received this book free from Water Brook publishing free for an honest review.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


If you enjoy reading someone's journal than you will like BEAUTIFUL ON THE MOUNTAIN by Jeannie Light. I can't say I didn't find parts of it quite interesting, however, much of it was rambling and irrelevant.

 Jeannie was very transparent as to her struggles and self doubts, which I found refreshing.  I was also challenged as she shared how she grappled with God as he prodded her in her thinking and concept of scripture and how it pertained to how we live.

I would have enjoyed the book if it had been written more as a story and less as a narrative. However, it is challenging to honestly ask ourselves if we really listen to God.  We must ask ourselves if we would hear God and be willing to take the steps she did.

Overall I found the book thought provocative.  It gave me much to think about, as I also am at a crossroad in my life where I am looking for direction.

I received book free for a fair and honest review from Tyndale House Publishers.


Robin Lee Hatcher departed from her usual book settings in THE HEART'S PURSUIT and it was not a mistake. She always creates a historic romance that takes you back in time when life was simpler if not harder and often dangerous.

Jared Newman is a bounty hunter who was set on this path searching for the man who murdered his family. Silver Matlock is the daughter of a local merchant left at the altar. How their lives intersect and the subsequent journey will hold you captive.

 I found the story compelling as it unfolds. What will be revealed next, where will the journey go and what will be the outcome?

Ms. Hatcher is a skilled author who writes heart-touching books covering various historical periods. I have never been dissatisfied or disappointed when reading her books. I enjoyed The Heart's Pursuit and found it hard to put down until I finished.

I received this book free for an honest and fair review from Zondervan and Thomas Nelson Publishers.