Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Where Hope Begins by Catherine West had me conflicted. It is a book dealing with grief, adultery, death and a myriad of emotions.

Savannah and Kevin lost a daughter to an accident 10 years ago and have not let go of their grief. They have let their grief go deep they have let go of their faith and each other and basically destroy who they were. I have to be honest; I don’t understand that kind of grief. I’ve lost people I loved dearly but to let it destroy who you are?

Can they find their way through this? Can forgiveness be found? Is there a second chance for this family? Is love still there and if so is it enough?

I did immensely enjoy this book even though I got extremely frustrated at the wallowing in grief. I also had my doubts about getting past the adultery, not the forgiveness as that’s a given but….

I received a free copy from Thomas Nelson Publishing Group. No review, positive or otherwise, was required – all opinions are my own.

Monday, July 9, 2018


Another great book by Colleen Coble, The House at Saltwater Point is the second book in the Lavender Tides series. It starts with a mystery of a missing person and what happened.

Ellie Blackmore is a house flipper with her sister, Mackenzie’s ex-husband. Mackenzie goes missing and is suspected of the disappearance of a cocaine seizure.

Grayson Bradshaw is a Coast Guard Intelligence Officer who believes Mackenzie is responsible for the missing cocaine and her sister doesn’t believe she is. They both are searching for the truth and join forces to uncover the secrets.

This is a typical Colleen book with lots of intrigue, romance and inspiration. You never go wrong reading one of her books.  

I received a free copy from Thomas Nelson Publishing Group. No review, positive or otherwise, was required – all opinions are my own.

Monday, June 25, 2018


I love Cindy Woodsmalls books and this one is a real change from her usual so I was surprised.  As the Tide Comes In by Cindy is a deviation from her standard books and I'm not quite sure what I think of it. It started out amazing but it took a turn into the complicated and frustrating.  

As the main character stumbles around and wanders so close to the answers and then runs it's exasperating.

Tara Abbot , an orphan who assumed care of her half brothers, life spins out of control after a tornado whips through her town. She's injured but she forges ahead with the vacation she had planned even though she's injured and confused. 

Stumbling along she connects with a group of older women who unbeknown to her hold the answers she's long sought. Complicating her life even more is a determined firefighter at odds with her. Will she find the truth she looking for or tangle her up even more?

I received a free copy from Waterbrook Publishing Group. No review, positive or otherwise, was required – all opinions are my own.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


I didn’t realize it when I received this book but it is the second in a series.  Thankfully I had read the first one but this can be read as a stand alone. 

Six years ago Elijah Graber told Catherine Glick he was going to visit a friend and would be back in time to go ice skating with her.  She read in the Amish newspaper, The Budget that he had married and she never heard from him again.

She has been courting with Zachariah Lantz for five years and is expecting him to propose when Elijah shows up and asks Zach to give him a ride home and keeps Catherine and Zach from being alone. Catherine is frustrated with the lack of commitment and concern Zach has for her and their relationship.

Catherine’s cousin Faith, who is her boss, has also just informed her they are going to close the restaurant for the winter which puts her out of a job.  She leaves for Florida to work in her cousin’s bakery to escape from the humiliation she feels.

I received this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers for an honest review.