Friday, October 31, 2008


Just finished reading Mark Batterso's latest book "Chasing the Wild Goose" about following the Holy Spirit. It is very challenging and after also just finishing "Spotting the Sacred" I'm really challenged.

Mark challenges us to not be afraid to make decisions and do the unthinkable because it is only when we do what we cannot do by ourselves that God shows up. I pray for the courage to obey as much as for the guidance and direction.

I took the state exam for Office Technician Wed and passed by 85%. Not as good as I would have liked or as well as I've done in the past on Federal tests, but - oh well! Been awhile since I've done that. I can't keep feeling like God is getting ready to do something. Since we've been in Bakersfield for over 3 months and no jobs, I don't believe it will be here.

Well, gotta run, help out at WFF for the Fall Fest tonight.

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