Monday, November 24, 2008

? Not sure whaz up?

Boy, just as you think you know what's happening then you get a curve ball. We went and spoke at a church yesterday and are at this time waiting to find out if we may possibly be pastors again. But this morning, out of the blue I get a call from a place I interviewed for about a month or so ago and they wanted me to come in again. I told them at the time that I was not sure if I would be available or not but they wanted me to come in anyway so I went in. The interview went well, and I told the owner the same thing. So, he said they would call in the morning and see and the girl as we walked out said, "we'll be waiting with baited breath." Sounds like I have the job if I want it and I would like if if we are staying here. It sounds like one I could enjoy and has benefits and good pay. What's with this?

Just finished Walking With God and he said we should always ask God what to do in EVERYTHING. He said he will write the question down and wait till God speaks yes, no or whatever. So I wrote it down "Do we go to ____ or not?" I don't want to go, even if they say yes, if it's not His will!!! So, here we are, waiting on God to speak. God is so good!

Tonight I looked at a blog I had written earlier and there was a comment I hadn't read. I read it and it touched me so much. The person who wrote it has no idea how I needed to hear that. We had been saying that our legacy was what was so important to us that we had to do this God's way, and this person let me know that they had been watching and God had blessed. Thank you Lord! This walk is the only way to go, walking by faith and trusting His leading.

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