Friday, November 28, 2008

OK, now what?

I'm just so confused about hearing from God these days. I'm not sure if He's not talking, we're not hearing, or what the deal is. Read the other day it's either "Yes", "Not Now", or "I've got something better". I like that better than yes, wait, or no! but still not sure exactly what our situation is. It has been over 9 months, lots of prayers and fasting, studying, and just plain ole seeking His will.

In the middle of all this mess, I get even more confused. As I said in an earlier blog, we'd been waiting to hear about a church and I had gotten a call about a job. When we hadn't heard about the church when I'd told the job we'd expected to, they offered me the job so I accepted. Now the church thing is still a possibility? God I have a lot of questions, and I know you have the answers. There are so many variables and options, we just need to know what direction, what door to step thru. You know we are wondering if we even should stay PCG, go independent, join another fellowship, stay in CA, go somewhere else, plant a church, do a turnaround, join staff of a church, or maybe attend somewhere and work jobs. I have a job, but Lindell doesn't which is not the way it should be.

So there we are, still waiting to hear so we can obey.

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