Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We've been talking some and maybe close to making a decision. Not sure yet, and it will be with mixed emotions at best.

Read some more of UPRISING and I tell you he gets in your stuff. Today what I read was about being humble and how most decisions are not made on character but talents/resume. Now that may be the way you want it done, well sort of, in the secular business world, but not in church and nonprofit orginizations. But too often it is exactly the way they are made.

He ask "How many people have been used for their talents and later discarded for their infidelity? We should not be astonished when leaders fall when our criteria fall short of the standards of Christ." Falling is not always moral failure as in adultry either. We have seen character failures in the news, politics, banks etc, but it also happens in our communities.

Humilty is about coming to grips with our humanity. The self awareness to see ourself for who we are, in our personal character, gifts, talents, skills, intellect and embrace it honestly. We do have God given abilities, talents, etc but without Him they, & we, are nothing.

I pray we start assessing by character & integrity instead of real or preceived gifts and talents for filling our pulpits and ministries.

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