Thursday, January 1, 2009

What Do You See?

I'm rereading "Uprising" by Erwin McManus.. He talks about the movie Matrix some in the beginning. Now I saw that movie when it came out and there was a lot of flak about it being rated R and the violence. I don't remember a lot about the movie, gonna watch it again though, but I do remember it had a message.

In Uprising McManus mentions the names used in the movie. They are Morpheus, Trinity, & Neo. He also tells a little of the storyline in that Morpheus and Trinity are calling Neo out of the delusion of the Matrix. So, I knew what Neo, Morepeus & Trinity basically meant so I decided to look them up..
Morpheus - a noun "in classical mythology, the god of dreams and sleep" but I also know that the word morphs is the root mawrf from which morpheus comes. Morphs as a verb, of course, means: to transform one electronic graphic image into another or others, through the use of sophisticated computer software, or be transformed in this way. From Webster morph-, morphic, morphous word elements meaning form or shape [Gk]

Neo - prefix used in the construction of compound terms, signifying new, recent [Gk] (in Microsoft word look up NEO is an abbreviation of Near Earth Object)
Trinity - in Christianity, God seen in three ways as the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, a group of three, the condition of existing as three persons or things
Matrix - Webster says: The womb, the cavity where anything is formed; a mold, rock where minerals are embedded. Microsoft has more to say, but to shorten it the Thesaurus says medium, template
There is also a character named Oracle which means - somebody or something considered to be a source of knowledge, wisdom, or prophecy
This tells me someone probably had a knowledge of God when they wrote the script. What many people do not know is that there are a lot of God's people in Hollywood and the industry. They are trying to infiltrate and influence the medium and you can see the results if you look. They are often subtle, but I am amazed at how much it is there in sometimes the most unsuspecting movies and TV.

There are closest Christians if you will. Some would ask why closet, are they not proud of being a Christ Follower? But we have not succeeded with 'in your face Christianity' and in fact have done a lot of damage with boycotting, demonstrating etc. We have only accomplished making ourselves despised, avoided and have what we say fall on deaf ears.

RELATIONSHIP that is the key word. And again, real relationship, from an honest, real, respectful, and honoring heart and pure motive. The world wont trust what we have to say if they think there is an ulterior motive.
What little time I worked in the entertainment industry, I felt like God had me there to build relationship and to SEE people. We often don't see people for who they are for seeing them for what they are. I had friends and acquaintances that I ordinarily would not have had the opportunity to meet and spend time with and get to know in my day to day life. I came to look at them as souls that God loved and wanted to redeem. I also met other Christ Followers working in various areas.
Again, the song by Brandon Heath - "Give Me Your Eyes" needs to be our hearts call and desire.


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