Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well, I finished catching up on the Leadership mags and back to Uprising! Whenever I start reading I remember why I put it down for awhile. It gets tough, but it's so good, and the self evaluation is needful.

"Wisdom is forged through the crible of perservance" pg 179

"The great things that we long for and search for are found among the small things we may ignore or even discard. The quest for enlightenment begins in what may appear as the mundane." pg 179

"Transformation is both the miracle of God and the stewardship of man." pg 180

As we are contemplating our next move on this journey, this book is stretching me, so hopefully I'll be able to endure. Our #3 son is at this time doing what we are going to be attempting. He's planting a church in Tyler, TX and it's been a struggle. To take you family and move to a town where you know absolutely no one, with no local connections, and plant a church, you'd better know that you know, it's God's will. Then when the voices begin clammering, you can defeat them because God has spoken.

It is also important to have your spouse as committed to the dream and to be an encourager. I know I've found that in our ministy that when one was down the other was able to lift them up and vice versa. I think God does that to help us stay balanced.


Brenda said...

My husband and I have been there. Went to Wichita Falls to take over a small church there. We were there for 4 or so years. Is this their first church? I know how they feel.

LauraBo said...
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