Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Dreams

Started a new book "Wide Awake" by Erwin McManus and it's helping me bring clarity to what God has put in our hearts. He says our lives will always be limited by the size of our dreams and that sometimes the limitations we are willing to accept establish the boundaries of our existence. I feel to often we let people define our dreams for us in that we allow them to resize them for us by pointing out their perceived view of our circumstances, limitations and abilities. We also listen to the voice inside that will tell us we can't do it because we're not worthy, too old, not talented, etc. If God has given you a dream, go for it, there is nothing more devasting to a human spirit than to quit dreaming.

We all know the story of Joseph and how it took him decades to see the fulfillment of his dreams. I always thought he spoke out of school by telling his dreams to his brothers. This only caused them to resent him and consequently sell him into slavery. We have, as a whole, just assumed that was God's plan all along in order to achieve the outcome. But what if it wasn't that it took that long to fulfill the dreams but that it took that long to make the dreamer, to make him the man God intended him to be. I know Joseph told the brothers that what they meant for evil God meant it for good, but we know that God can use things meant for evil to His advantage. Romans 8:28

"When God gives you a dream, he raises the bar." He wants you to expand your horizons. [side note, the last show I worked on was "Raising The Bar" :-) ironic.] We are going for the dream we believe God has placed in our hearts and in spite of all the obstacles, I'm excited. I know it can only succeed if He is in it and I know that I know that this is of Him. How?, only He knows.

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