Friday, March 6, 2009

Being Prepared is a Must

We're getting settled, I said "getting" :-) we still have much to do. Last Friday we did go to Georgia for the ARC churchplanters assessment and gleaned a lot. We didn't understand what was expected so we hadn't done our homework & consequently were declined financial help. They will give any other assistance they have, ideas, suggestions, input, coaches etc.

I was a bit disappointed, but not all that surprised. There were others there that were much more prepared in their research and plans. We should have waited to attend one of these when we had really worked out some plans. We have just started on this venture, there are some steps and some things we need to research. We are still going to do it, but will have to raise all the money on our own. First thing we have to do is to get jobs for both of us. We had wanted to save our savings for help in the start up but can't do that if we have to use it to live on.

We did meet some great churchplanters and made some good connections and relationships started. One was a young couple from MN who said it wasn't really cold when it was 22 degrees outside. :-) Explained why and I have to agree, when your nose freezes, that's cold!

Been checking out the job situation and sending resumes since we got home. Glad I took the State test already, applied for some of those online. God wants us to rely completely on Him and is really leaving us no other choice. Either He helps us do it or it doesn't get done.


Brenda said...

Hoping you'll find jobs quickly.
Everything works out in His timing.

Mandy said...

I like how you said "God wants us to rely completely on him and is really leaving us no other choice." I can relate. That is where we are in so many areas of our life right now. I am learning to just trust him so completely. So no matter how hard it is at times i am thankful for this period of growth in my life. Plus it is nice to be somewhere that i can now just be seen as a woman and not that little girl everyone used to know. Thank you for being you and such and awesome example of a woman that i would hope to be like. love mandy