Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Life as Usual?

In morning devotions John 2:6 jumped out at me. "stone water jars that the Jews used in there washing ceremony" (or their purification). I'm not sure exactly what God is telling me, but this was water for cleansing, not drinking. Jesus used these jars to turn water into wine. Do you think that possibly the wedding guests might have questioned being served wine out of these particular jars? Maybe He's saying to us, just as He did to Peter, not to call common what He has created. Maybe He wants us to see with His eyes and heart?

Michael Hyatt
of Thomas Nelson has just returned from Africa and has commented about what he saw, and posted a video on his blog, "I Need Africa More Than Africa Needs Me". This was a comment left on his blog in response by Martin Schmaltz "Africa, Asia, Central and South America, we all need these areas more than they need us. The literal truth is, they will go on as they always have: but when we have visited them, we cannot go on as we always have."

I was very touched by the video, but this comment grabbed me. "THEY WILL GO ON AS THEY ALWAYS HAVE: BUT WE CANNOT! " (caps and bold is mine). We Cannot, We Must Not, go on as we always have here in American either. We will not if we open our eyes and hearts to see what God sees. We are all God's children, who He loves, no matter our politics, sexual orientation, personality,even our spiritual beliefs. Leave the results to Him.

I have been somewhat disappointed in the "church" in the American Idol competition. The ones that seem to think either Kris or Danny should win just because they are Christian, as if that qualified them more than talent. The bashing of Adam because he's a little different, and presumed to be gay, like that disqualifies his talent.

However, I have been encouraged and impressed with Kris's spirit. His acceptance and obvious care for Adam, no matter what his sexual orientation may or may not be. His comment that they were not competing but going to enjoy this and have fun. We must learn to love people in spite of our differences. I'm not saying to compromise our beliefs but we can accept the person for who they are and love them and disagree with out being disagreeable.

We are blessed in America, even in the face of all that is going on. Many are out of work, circumstances are not always good. My husband and I have been unemployed for over a year, but the mission has not changed and God has not changed. It also has not changed who He wants us to be. Life will go on as always, but we don't have to. We can let Him be our source, our Hope.

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