Friday, June 12, 2009

peppermint-filled pinatas #2

I finished this book and in the process reexamined my view of things. I thought that I had learned a lot about seeing people when I worked as an extra/back- ground actor for a couple of years, and I did, but I still find my old self looking at the differences, instead of the person God loves and created.

I want to love them and to see past these issues, issues that I don't understand and maybe find offensive. I care about them and truly want to see them change and want to be a catalyst for that to happen. I want to not react to what I perceive, in my uneasiness, but to see the person.

"Stereotypes exits because we do not form friendships with others who differ from us." We tend to box people in by their politics, their ethnicity, their religion & sexuality and make these litmus tests for whether we can to even attempt to build a relationship. Eric says "As followers of Christ, we need to actively pursue friendships with people we have tended to avoid."

What is happening in the news today brings this all into focus, "our politics should always be secondary to our practice as followers of Christ." As the body of Christ we must strive to eliminate barriers that keep people out and keeps them from connecting with Jesus. We have to look for opportunities to build relationships, to serve, to show the unconditional love of Jesus.

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