Friday, July 24, 2009

Book Review Rick & Bubba's Guide Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage

Rick & Bubba's Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage is a supposedly tongue in cheek book on marriage. I know these guys are funny on the radio and in person but it didn’t come out that funny on paper for me.

To me it was written like a TV sitcom where the husband is the buffoon and the wife is a self centered super mom. What was meant to be funny, to me wasn’t. It seemed to played into the stereotypical ideology of today’s society where the man is just the breadwinner and takes no responsibility for the family and it’s assumed the wife is the better parent..

There were some good thoughts though:

  • “marriage isn’t meant to be perfect. It was to teach us how to love an imperfect person perfectly.”
  • “one reason the divorce rate is so high, especially among Christians, is that many of us have forgotten how to forgive.”
  • “Too many times we husbands complain about our wives’ shortcoming when we should be sharing the Word of God with them and living it daily in front of them.”
  • “I want to have led my household in the example that Christ gave us men to lead – by serving…I don’t want any of them to feel that I demanded their respect, but that I earned it, so they gave it to me enthusiastically.”

I know some will disagree with me and love the book! I hope so, because that's what makes us all unique.

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