Saturday, June 5, 2010


When everything else is gone you can give up, become ill, get disheartened OR you can see the Lord. Choices, everyday there are choices. Our choices are our decisions, no one else's. I choose to do my best to keep my eyes on Jesus. Sometimes almost wish I was a horse with blinders. :-)

The other day I re-tweeted a comment by Tommy Tenny "When God wants to protect u, he moves a person from your life. Don't beg people to stay with u" and it was posted on my Facebook page. I had someone email me with questions about the comment and we had a good interchange.

Then during my devotional time this morning in My Upmost For His Highest I read Isaiah 6:1 "In the year that king Uzziah died, I saw also the Lord." Oswald Chamber's said "over and over again God has to remove our friends in order to bring himself into their place.."

I use the journal edition of My Upmost For His Highest, and several years ago I had made a note "God will lead us to a lonely place so all we can see is Him, to see how we do, who we look at." I find this rather ironic considering the journey we've been on this past year or so. In fact Lindell and I have been discussing how we are traveling alone, with God. We brought no team with us, we have no outside support system in place and those who had said they would help have not materialized. We have no where to go except to God. That's not necessarily bad, just scary if you don't keep focused on Him.

I am looking through my posts as I'm going to be taking a creative writing class soon. I found this one that I never finished and posted. It was started over a year ago and a lot has happened since them. We are now living in the MidWest and many things have happened. I can't say they have been all good, in fact most aren't, but I still find that God is my source, my hope, my strength. I will admit I would love for some, if not most, of the circumstances to be different, but I know God is doing something we can't see.  Sanctus Real has a song that says "Whatever you’re doing, inside of me, it feels like chaos, somehow there’s peace." I won’t say it always feels like peace, or at least the peace the world expects, but I do know, that for me, there is no other choice but to yield to God and let Him work His way.

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