Monday, July 6, 2009


Perspective, what a word with so much meaning. My perspectives have changed considerably since I first began this journey to follow the Lord some 37 years ago. From heathen to believer to pharisee and now my whole desire is to be a follower of my Jesus, to be like Him. I don't to be a clone a copy, I want to be an original reproduction.

We've lost some celebrities these last few weeks, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson to name two. I've been heartbroken by their loss but even more by the "churches" response. These were just ordinary people who became known for their gifts and in the process they lost who they were. Maybe more accurately we never saw who they were for their gifts and did not allow them to find themselves. We saw them as commodities and not humanity that God loves.

In The Shack Mack is ask to choose one of his children to die, to bring home the point that God loves all His children. Then I read that 90% of the world earns less than $25,000 a year, that 93% don't own a car, and much of the world doesn't have drinkable water. We are to be His hands and feet and I think somehow we've dropped the ball.

Church was established to build the Kingdom, to lead a social revolution not to just be witness's and to grow churches. We are to reach out and Serve our communities, to touch with the hands of Jesus. We are supposed to demonstrate the gospel with our actions. Jesus touched the leper not just talked to/at him, he turned the water to wine - in other words he met them where they were.

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All I can say is AMEN!