Thursday, August 13, 2009


It has been my effort on this blog to try to embody Christ and create a hunger, thirst for more of Him. I have always tried to not whine or complain about what is going on, to be positive and point to Christ as the answer. Thus the following may come as a surprise to some.

FINDING THE POINT or following God is not always easy. We have to be careful that we are hearing from Him and not imposing our own thoughts/wishes into the mix. We really believed, and still do, that God sent us here to plant a church. However,we are now at a point (not pun intended) where we are stumbling, trying to find our next step. Our church plant is not coming together as we had hoped. It's been harder to meet people and make connections than we had anticipated. We have have been unable to find jobs, have exhausted our savings and cannot continue to pay rent, utilities etc. So unless God intervenes in a major way in the next few days we will be leaving and moving back east around family.

To be honest, it feels like we've failed. That we've been discarded, not by God, but by the people that we had thought had our back. I know sometimes God removes everything and everyone so that all we have is Him. We are not discouraged, are not questioning God as He never abandons us and is always faithful, it is just that sometimes we don't see His hand as we would like.

All that I've been reading keeps reminding me that He's always on time and His ways are not our ways. We just have to keep our self's connected, listen to His still small voice and continue on.

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Larry said...

Boy can I ever identify with abandonment by friends! Be blessed as you follow Christ alone. He will work things out for good (Ro. 8:28). Keep in touch, California ain't all bad. LOL