Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Book Review FEARLESS by Max Lucado

I think anyone would be hard to find a book of Max Lucado’s that wasn’t good, I’m always blessed by his writings. This book is no different and is very timely with all that’s going on in America today with the economy, the government’s policies of big government etc. But, like most of his books, it will also probably be timeless as there are always issues and circumstances that will cause us to fear.

Some of the chapter titles that give you an idea of where he delves are: God’s Ticked Off at Me, Fear of Disappointing God; There’s a Dragon in My Closet, Fear of Worst-Case Scenarios; the Shadow of Doubt, Fear That God is Not Real. These are very real fears to most of us and he helps us turn our eyes to the one who calms our fears.

His prayer in the garden becomes, for Christians, a picture of the church in action – a place where fears can be verbalized, pronounced, stripped down, and denounced; an escape from the ‘wordless darkness’ of suppressed fears…. A healthy church is where our fears go to die.”

I especially like the thought: “But how can we be sure he will keep his pledge?...The answer rests in the Jerusalem graveyard. If Jesus’ tomb is empty, then his promise is not.”

Like most of Max’s books, this one I will reread several times. I highly recommend it and believe it will benefit any who read it.

There is a discussion guide in the back for individual or group study to better grasp the ideas and principals and to help to point us to where we can lay our fears down and become FEARLESS.

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