Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mentor Like Jesus

Finished Mentor Like Jesus few weeks ago, haven't blogged because lots been going on what with moving, getting settled etc. However, this book deserves to be read, recommended, advertised, whatever! It is a great book and offers such an innovative idea on mentoring.

Mentoring has been something I've felt passionately about for sometime as I've seen young people struggle with life, God, church, etc and had no one to turn to, no one to come along side them and say, "here, let me help you."

The Bible tells us to teach the younger, that the older are to be an example, but often what we have seen is criticism, disapproval and even condemnation if they do it different than what is expected.

Just think how much of a difference we could actually make if we took the time to love, support and help a younger person, to lift them up in prayer to share a thought or even a book with them. I know we all value our time but what better investment than in a young life, to see them grow in God, save their marriage, parent their children, and even go on to mentor others.

"Young people need to be connected with authentic, committed Christians who live their faith...not just talk it." pg 87

Regi Campbell offers a new concept to mentoring and he's proven it works by mentoring 8 young men a year, every year since 2000. He takes the idea from Jesus and the disciples and that a group setting offers some accountability as well as them being able to see that their problem is not always unique to them.

"I believe the group context is the 'secret sauce' of mentoring on an intentional basis. It can set the individual relationships in motion and even speed up the process of developing trust." pg 41

Anyone who is serious about mentoring really should read this book even if you don't decide to do it in a group setting like Regi does you can glean much from it.

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