Friday, February 12, 2010

Ever Ask " Where Is God?"

We all have problems, often so big we fear we'll buckle under them, and looking to God may be off the radar and we will wonder Where Is God?

Like many others I was taught that to question God was wrong, to doubt was sin, & if I was a strong Christian I would smile and know God was in control and everything would work out.

“The most profound and moving where-is-God question that has ever been asked in history is that of Jesus in His own agony on the cross: ‘My god, My God, why have You forsake me?’ (Matt. 27:46)”

John Townsend says it is not only alright to question God but that He designed us to search for answers He wants to be pursued. He says that there will be times when we’re in the middle of a tough situation, when nothing makes sense, and we think that if we’re not fully confident that God will take care of things that we are doing God a disservice. “The reality, though, is that doubt is not the absence of faith. It is part of faith.”

John uses true stories about real people that will help us see that we are not the only ones who walk this road, that we are not alone in our troubles and above all, God is there with us all the time, even when we can’t feel Him and sometimes are not even sure He cares.

Often during a particular trial we have felt betrayed and have trust issues which carry over to God. The nature of having a struggle itself is an entry point to God. “the reality that the extent to which we persist in bringing problems to God is the extent to which we connect to Him.”

“the power will always be important, but the presence will always be central to the way He designed us…”

This book deals with issues everyone will have to experience in one form or another sometime in life. I believe the way John presents them will be of benefit to all who read it. I certainly came at the right time in my life and is liberating.

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