Monday, February 15, 2010

Keep Your Life on Track

Applying the term derailed because of the train wreck September 2008 in California and the fact that it was due to human error Tim Irwin proceeds to give 6 illustrations of leaders who have derailed their careers in spite of the fact they were talented and had a prior history of success.

We all have the opportunity to be derailed in life. Tim’s purpose of this book is not about the six profiled leaders, but instead is to help define what derailment is and to hopefully help us stay on track. Derailment is a process and usually in slow motion and the derailing leader usually believes he is right and must stay the course, despite any warnings that may say otherwise.

The larger portion of the book is on providing us with the warning signals and helping us to hopefully avert them and to stay the course for the long haul. He helps us evaluate our character, authenticity, humility, and courage. He says that our brand is not what we say it is but is what others say it is, and there are early warning signs we should watch for.

“great leaders channel their ambition toward building their organization rather than personal aggrandizement.”

They realize “Most work in the organization is done by teams…when someone takes excess credit, he will ‘get cut from the herd pretty fast.’”

This book is not only for CEO's and company leaders but would also be a good resource for church leaders.

My only thought is that sometimes there are derailment casualties of a derailing leader frantically trying to hold on. However, this book will give us insight into our personal character and responsibility and will prove invaluable to any person who will read it and apply its principles.

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