Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I am not sure what is going on but every book I pickup lately has been timely and needed. This is the second book I have read dealing with trusting God when you can't see him or often find him.

Sheila is very transparent, something that she has learned to be the hard way. She's candid about her time spent in the hospital and how God used that to start her on the path to wholeness. She tells us in the introduction there were 10 people who helped her overcome roadblocks and unfamiliar territory. Using the stories and lives of Anna, Mary and Martha, Paul, Tabitha, Gideon, Joseph, Samson, Nicodemus and Abraham she explores how God is always there, never leaving, always loving with patience and a plan. There is even a discussion guide in the book that can be done alone or in a group. I would like to reread this later, along with a friend or two, and utilize the discussion guide.

The "journey of trust can plunge us into darkness until even the path disappears before our eyes. When I found myself in such a season of spiritual darkness, I discovered there was someone sitting beside me on the road, and he had been there before." He's never to late, even when it seems to us that he is. Mary and Martha could not understand why He did not get there before Lazarus died.

From Joseph she learned "The more we believe that God is in control, the more we can forgive others for the pain they have caused."

This book possibly is mistitled because a man could definitely benefit from reading it also. Sheila communicates in a way that speaks to the hearts of us all. I do not hesitate to recommend this book, in fact I already have.

Check out where I left this review, and buy the book.

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