Saturday, March 27, 2010

Living Your Passion

CRUSH IT!  This is a great book with all kinds of tips and advice of how to take your passion and live it instead of dreaming it. So often we get up each day and go to work because we need the income, we are in a rut with not idea of how to change it. 

He advocates taking full advantage of the social media available on the internet to build your brand.  “Business in the future is going to be a field day for everyone with talent because they’ll no longer be forced to exist within the confines of old-guard institutions.” We all know that the future looks different and to succeed we will have to change and embrace what works. The old ways of advertising and getting your name out there is all but dead and often has little to no return for the buck.

He believes in being authentic and above all Legacy is greater than Currency. “..being authentic, and being perceived as such by your audience, relies on you ability to ensure that every decision you make when it comes to your business is rooted in being true to yourself.”

“..your authenticity will be at the root of your appeal and is what will keep people coming to your site and spreading the word…”

I have been inspired and begun to dream of what I could do by reading this book. I would highly recommend it to all who dream of doing something different.

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