Monday, April 5, 2010

Lis Wiehl's HAND OF FATE

Hand of Fate by Lis Weihl is a sequel to her Face of Betrayal. She is a lawyer and a frequent guest on FOX News.

The story follows three high school friends, one an FBI agent, one a Federal Prosecutor and one a TV news reporter, who work together to solve a crime.

Who killed Jim Fate? What kind of person was he really? At first look it seems it would be harder to find someone who did not hate him and want him dead. However, the more they delve into the possibilities, they begin to wonder who was he? I think one thing we can take from this book is that we do not ever really know someone, especially if they have a professional life as there is a personnel side, which are often are polar opposites.

The book personalizes people and helps us to look at some issues as not black and white when we put faces to them.

There is an unexpected twist at the end, which makes for a more compelling read.
I started the book on Monday and finished it Wednesday because it was hard to put down. It took me that long only because I had some urgent things to attend to in-between.

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