Monday, April 26, 2010

What You Get

Wow, guess this is what I get for blogging about TRUST! Thursday after posting the blog, we were at the VA hospital in Little Rock and it is now Wednesday the following week (April 21st). They did a CT scan and found a mass on Lindell's liver and long story short today they did a biopsy. We don't have the results yet and not sure when we will get them, but the doctors are all almost 100% sure it is his colon cancer that has metastasized. They are not expecting to be able to cure it, just hopefully shrink the tumor, as surgery is not an option. So, unless God sees fit to perform a miracle it doesn't look good.

I keep going back to trusting God is letting Him choose, even if we don't like the outcome.

Today is Monday April 26th, the biopsy came back colon cancer that had spread. The oncology doctor came in and said they did want to go ahead and do a PET scan and that there was a possibly that if they could shrink the cancer that they could operate and remove it. He said if he could remove it, there was a 50% chance of cure. We are home at this time waiting for the PET scan to be scheduled and they also want to do another colonoscopy.

All we are sure of is that God has a plan and we are trusting Him. We know that there is a deeper purpose and that there are other people who are going to be impacted by whatever the outcome is. I know there are people watching us, to see how we handle the situation There are also some who are believing for a miracle. I’m not sure where the journey will take us, I just know God has never failed us yet.


Brenda said...

Darn computer stuff anyway, right?
Glad it's working now, and I did save your email in my address book if that's ok.

B said...

Hi, Laura,
We are so sad to hear about Lindell and the cancer returning. I hesitated to write you - just not knowing quite what to say. My brother went thru the same thing. The dr.s gave him only a few months but God gave him 15 years with miracle after miracle along. Trusting God is extremely difficult when you're the one walking thru the fire, but as you know, Whom else do we really have? John & I are praying for you both. We love & appreciate you both. ;) brenda