Saturday, May 22, 2010


The Journey continues with some good and some bad. The bad is that the prognosis is 2 years at best, unless God intervenes. We are praying and hoping for the best but we also know that God is no respecter of persons and just because we are His children does not guarantee that we will always get the outcome we desire.

When you are going through something that has turned your world upside down it can affect your perspective and depending on how you have been taught about God, it will affect your faith, hope and prayers. When God doesn’t answer the way we think he should we often begin to doubt and the circumstances become bigger and bigger and God looks smaller and smaller. Worry becomes the norm; our prayers seem to fall on deaf ears because we assume God must think and feel as we do.

This morning I read an interesting thought, worry is like a fog in that it keeps us from seeing things as they really are. If you've ever been in a thick, dense fog then you can know what I’m talking about. I grew up on the coast of Oregon, so fog is something I know all about. When traveling through fog you have to go carefully, attentive to what you can see and cautious of what you can't see. If your driving, you can come upon a car before you know it, or a deer can jump in front of you before you can stop. Earl Nightingale says that "a dense fog covering seven city blocks, to a depth of 100 feet, is composed of something less than ONE glass of water." (Emphasizes mine) The correlation is that our worries are comprised of things that are not going to happen, past experiences, and things that can't be changed anyway. Nightingale says "Ninety-two percent of worries are pure fog and not substance at all."

The challenge then is to trust God with the outcome but not with a defeatist attitude, with one of hope. To pray for healing, believing in a good God, but also knowing that the healing may very well be in heaven, because God has a bigger plan than we can comprehend.

Traveling in fog you learn to look for a light bright enough to penetrate the fog and if your with someone, you must stay close or you can loose sight of them in the fog. Jesus is that light as we walk through life, and we must stay close to Him.

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