Thursday, May 6, 2010

Twisted Path of LIfe

The journey we take is often a twisted path and we can't see what is ahead. It is good to know the one who is up ahead and does know the path, even in the dark he can see where we're going.

The PET scan report was not what we wanted to hear albeit it was not the worse case scenario. My mind was going into place I did not want to go, one being that the cancer had spread to various other places and possibly untreatable.

The spot on Lindell’s sacrum was not an infection as we had hoped but was indeed cancer, which makes it in two places. Because it is in two places, it is now inoperable. They are going to treat the place on the sacrum with radiation, every day for 2 weeks, and then chemo for that in his liver. The chemo will be once every 2 weeks and after four treatments, they will do another CT scan to see if the cancer is shrinking. Cure is no longer a word they are using so the outcome is in question.

My boss has been trying to work with me on my having to be gone but I am a temp with the probability of being permanent. He was hoping to get the same person to fill in for me when I had to be out but the agency I’m working for is making it difficult for him to have any consistency on the job. We discussed it this morning and have come to an agreement that in the best interest of the company I will conclude my time here this week. He’s been very agreeable and good to work for. I am disappointed that I will be unable to continue working for him but it is unfair to him for me to miss and him not have consistency in the job that I fill.

I’m not sure what the future holds and where this journey is going to take us. Not to sound trite or super spiritual, I just know the God I serve. His plans are not our plans and His ways are not our ways but He does have a plan and somehow this all fits into it. We will take it one day at a time keeping our eyes on Him. Thank all of you who have prayed and are praying, we know that is the best healthcare system there is.


mimisherry said...

Oh dear friend...such a twisted road you have been traveling indeed! We will certainly be praying for Lindell's full recovery and for BOTH of you as you continue along this journey that ONLY God knows the outcome of.
We love yoU!!

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike...................................................

Brenda said...

Lifting you and Lindell up during this season in your lives. Sorry you had to let your job go.