Monday, August 16, 2010

When God gives you a "Plan B" by Pete Wilson

Received an autographed copy of this book and it was very appropriate for my situation. As I've blogged we've been through quite a bit these last few years, cancer, job loss, unproductive job searches, move back east and then cancer back with a vengeance.

I will have to admit through all this I've often wondered where God was. I mean I knew he was there but I couldn't see Him, couldn't find Him, it came a strictly faith walk.

We tried to plant a church, unable to find jobs we went through savings, eventually threw in the towel and moved back to Lindell's hometown. We felt like failures or that we had missed God.
     "Just because God calls you to some venture, that doesn't guarantee the venture will succeed. Just    because life doesn't turn out the way you thought that doesn't mean you missed God's will." pg 79  He is more interested in your character, who you are, than what you do.

Could it be the thing we think of as Plan B is in all actuality a gift from God?..."letting God reveal and strip away our spiritual imperfections." pg. 263
    "We must be willing, if necessary to abandon the life we've planned and dreamed of in order to receive the life that our God has authored for us."  pg. 157

This book has many such nuggets as well as a wealth of insight, encouragement, wisdom. I would recommend everyone read this!


mimisherry said...

I would love to read this book. Seems to me that when I have things all figured out and planned out God likes to change it all around and show me who's boss! For me tho, the difficult part is when I feel like plan A IS His will and what I think should be is a struggle sometimes that is for sure!
Hope to see you soon my friend!

Shannon Litton said...

Thanks for the review! I agree - this book meant a lot to me, too. Especially the part about whether we're going to trust in who God is (His identity) or what he's doing (His activity). Powerful!

Anonymous said...

big thanks to the author for new)