Saturday, October 9, 2010


I am a fan of Max Lucado so I jumped at the opportunity to read his latest book and I have to admit the title also captivated me. Outliving your life, leaving a legacy, making a difference, however you want to say it that is what all of us want to do in one way or another.

To live in such a way that when we are gone from this life that who we were, what we did, lives on in the hearts and minds of others. To live so that the things we do touch and changes lives.  God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things in everyday life. He did in the Bible and He does today.

Using events from the Bible along with stories of similar incidents today Max gives us cause to sit up and examine our circumstances and to honestly ask ourselves are we making a difference.  Will our story live on in the lives of others?

Max asks questions, probes, and challenges us to stretch ourselves, to grow, so that when we are gone people will know that we’ve been here.  

One question that begs thought is “What if our attention could reduce someone’s pain?

Read this book, but not only read it but digest it. Let us all live so that our lives outlive us.

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