Thursday, November 18, 2010

ALMANAC, The American Patriot's revised

Now that I no longer have to study it, I love History, especially American History. My latest book from Thomas Nelson was The American Patriot’s ALMANAC by William Bennett & John Cribb. 

It is filled with interesting personal stories and tidbits, formatted into daily readings. Things that are not included in the History books. Ever wonder where “to the shores of Tripoli,” which is a stanza of the Marines’ Hymn came from?  Find it on Page 53.  What about the words to The Battle Hymn of Republic?  Julia Ward Howe rewrote a song the soldiers of the Civil War were singing that had some questionable words.Look on Page 42

The birth dates of the presidents, U.S. extreme points, firsts in the U.S.A. ,  Civil Rights heroes,  are just some of the information included.

I found the book very absorbing and compelling. The men and women who helped form this great nation were from various backgrounds and have contributed much to make America what it is today. I believe this book should be read by every patriot.

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