Monday, December 6, 2010

Where We Are On This Journey

Catch up time! :-). Lindell is still feeling great and is past the seven month mark. Did a CT scan and it showed the  cancer hasn't grown much since April, if any. The radiation killed the pain in his tailbone so he is pain (& med) free.. We're just living life, trusting God and letting Him direct.

We are living with Noble and Kesia for now as Noble and Lindell work to launch the company. I had an interview last week, hopefully I'll be starting a job soon.

Myles has returned from  Afghanistan!! so we were all together for Thanksgiving, except for Chad and his family. Twenty-three people in Mom Bowman's house, which is not exactly built for that many. The weather was uncooperative also as it was COLD.

Watched Iron Man 1 & 2 the other night with Noble and family. The Grands got a kick out of seeing MeMa in the movie. lol

I find God is always just a whisper away, even when the answers are not what we are hoping for. He sees the bigger picture and has plans we cannot fathom. Even with the roller coaster of these last two 1/2 years I wouldn't consider a day without Him at the helm of my life. I am in no way saying I understand or even like the journey but when you look around you can see others who are a lot worse off. All my sons and families serve God so I am blessed.

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Brenda said...

Good to hear, Laura!