Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not A Victim

I realize most of my blogs lately have been book reviews. Many times I've thought about the books I've read and what I've received from them personally but it didn't fit into the review concept.

The one I am finishing up is The Goodness of God. I’ve already written the review, just taking my time on the last few chapters and meditating on it. When I first picked it up I thought it was going to be same ole same ole but it has given me a new perception on things. I knew God used evil and that He had a plan that did not always go the way we wanted it to. That his main objective was who we are not our comfort and circumstances and with all we’ve been going through I had resigned myself to the thought that God was at work and I had no control over things that I needed to learn to trust him and let go. 

This is all true but if we’re not careful we develop a victim fatalistic view and forget the character and promises of God. We will begin to think that there is no need to pray for things to be different that we just have to accept things and trust God is in control. 

Our live was turned upside down three years ago and this is been a long journey, which is continuing today. We have not seen any major changes. Lindell still has cancer, albeit he is feeling good and just passed the ninth month since the six to eight month prognosis. We do feel as if we are in limbo as we have no clue as to what step to take next. I have not found a job and continue to interview at every opportunity. However, we know the God who formed us and walks with us each day.

I continue to seek Him, and pray for some direction. I refuse to give up. I refuse to let the devil win even one battle.After all we WIN!


Brenda said...

Glad to hear an update with you both. I agree what you said about becoming a victim. Throwing up our hands and saying what's the use doesn't help any situation and especially not ourselves.
Knowing just how much the Lord loves us and desires only the best for us is wonderful. Even when we don't understand the circumstances.

LauraBo said...

Thanks Brenda, this has been quite a trip. when things continue on and on and you only want God's will you have to resist the fatalistic attitude. Been there, not a good place to be.