Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why Is There Evil?

I’m sure you’ve had people ask why something happened. Why did someone have a disease? Why did a baby die? What causes natural disasters? Why is there suffering and evil in the world? Maybe you’ve even ask it yourself.  Since these questions will be asked shouldn’t ask them first and go to the scriptures to see what God says?

 In The Goodness of God, Randy Alcon does not necessarily try to answer these questions but to give us a perspective of God, his mercy, grace and love.  He says “Believing God exist isn’t the same as trusting the God who exists.”  

Randy explains the various alternative answers to the questions. There is no God, some things are just too difficult for God, God has limited knowledge of the future; are just some of the answers we may hear from others.  

We think we would prefer a world without pain, or murder, or rape, or heartbreak, but without it we would have no concept of good, of forgiveness, of love.  

There is no quick fix but The Goodness of God hopefully help you sort through some of the questions and answers and be able to enter into a dialogue with others.

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