Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Jan Silvious’s book SAME LIFE, NEW STORY is a 10 week Bible study which I believe would be of benefit for any group of women. She uses women from the Bible as inspiration but also tells her and others stories to illustrate her objective.   She points to Rahab, Deborah, Ruth, Leah and others to exemplify what we can do when we change our perspective and decide to change our story. 

We are not too young or never too old to evaluate where we are headed and make a course change. We are only limited by what we perceive as our limitations when we allow them to hinder us. 

“If you know that God is in the middle of all that you do, every relationship you have, and every challenge that faces you, then somehow you can believe that there is a purpose and you have been given everything you need to fulfill that purpose.” I’m not sure about your but I often need to remind myself of that.  

Because this is a women’s Bible study doesn’t mean in any way that the concept is limited to women only. We can all learn from these principles,

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