Saturday, February 19, 2011

God's Redemption After Failure

I received Lost + Found by David Trotter as a giveaway from Eric Michael Bryant’s blog. It is a book about God’s redemption and second chances, although the main portion of the book is about the failure of David Trotter and possibly in too much detail. I couldn’t help but wonder how David’s wife felt reading details of the downward spiral of her husband and his obsession with the other woman.  I admire his wife and her ability to trust in God and allow him to work in her to forgive and be reconciled to David. 

I’m not sure who I would recommend read this or if I would. Although as I stated earlier it is about God’s mercy and forgiveness, possibly too little time is spent on that with only on chapter out of the whole book. I will say it does hold your attention, albeit almost in a voyeuristic way, as you read how he became entangled in the web of infidelity and the journey that lead to him being hospitalized after the other woman returned to her husband.  I am reminded however, of God’s love for each of us and that He is willing to pick us up out of the mud pit.

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