Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Pirate Queen a novel

The Pirate Queen by Patricia Hickman was about a spoiled socialite wife whose husband was a philander and after deciding she had enough, was planning on leaving. He informed her he had cancer and wanted to go to the very place she was running to.

I was not optimistic after the first few chapters. The dialog was stilted and unimaginative however it did improve and the book became enthralling.  There was a good blend of a Christian principles and evangelism without being preachy. 

You found yourself drawn to Sephora and the people in her life.  You get a little angry at the lack of sensitivity by some of the community concerning Tobias, the young adopted boy who she befriends. Your heart breaks for the family as Sephora’s husband succumbs to the cancer that steals his life.

I received this book from Waterbrook complimentary for reading and giving my honest review.

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