Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Is the Cause Within You?

I just finished Matthew Barnett’s book THE CAUSE WITHIN YOU and I have to say I have a deeper respect for Matthew.

 He starts out telling the story of how he came to be in Los Angeles, how in the middle of the night God took him out to Echo Park to get his attention and help him see the people that he was meant to reach. 

He shares his journey, the things they are endeavoring to do, and the people whose lives are being changed.  He relates the stories of others who have come to share the journey and love for the people. It makes you want to pack up and head to Los Angeles to link arms with them.

Matthew is the first to tell you that it is not him that has accomplished all that’s been done but says you need to envision your cause as a relay race, you…hand off the baton to others who will complete legs of the journey that you cannot or should not run. And above all God is the main member of the team and without Him you will not accomplish your dream. 

Love the book, gave me a new perspective.  Get it digest it.

I received this book from Tyndale Publishing free for agreeing to give honest review.

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