Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to have a Soul Revolution

I received the SOUL REVOLUTION by John Burke as a giveaway on Eric Michael Bryant's blog. The book is about how imperfect people become all God intended and he challenges you to do a 60/60 plan. What he asks is for you to set the alarm on your watch or phone for every hour for 60 days to think about God. I usually think of Him throughout the day and  often whisper prays when I do. However I took the challenge.

The book is basically written for new Christ followers or someone struggling with keeping focused, or having some type of addiction. However there is enough in it to get even the most seasoned Christ follower to think and grow. The book dragged a few times for me but there was enough testimonies and stories as well as challenges to draw me back in.

Over all I would recommend this book and think it would be a good discussion group activity.

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