Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pilgrims Journey

Charles Foster challenges us to take a pilgrimage in his book The Sacred Journey. He shares some reflections from journey’s he has made as well as others experiences. He even advices you what to take should you venture out.

He starts the book “When man was first born…..he began to walk” then continues on through Abraham, (who is the father of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) to Jesus who “was the archetypal desert Bedouin, Jesus was homeless”.

He makes the point that “humans have never forgotten that they were designed as walkers.” That when things go wrong they go for walks.  As Christians we know the journey matters that it’s not all about the destination.  The journey is where we are changed in preparation for the destination.

This book is not one you can read through without stopping from time to time and contemplate what Foster is saying. Which I’m sure is the very purpose of the book. We says we have become too comfortable and lost our wonder and child likeness, which I do not disagree with.  In the back he has a study guide so it could be used for small groups. I think it is a book that is well worth reading.

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