Friday, April 1, 2011


Among the young people today there is a resurgence of observing the ancient disciplines as they realize the benefit of some of these “rituals” that the church has marginalized.  Thomas Nelson has brought us a series called The Ancient Practice Series to help us understand these old truths. THE SACRED MEAL written by Nora Gallagher is one in this collection.

You might wonder how you would write a whole book on the “Eucharist” or “Communion” just as I did, however Nora Gallagher did just that. She has a unique way of mixing the sacred life and ordinary life together helping you to get past the “religious” significance and into the intimate, personal feel of what this meal represents. 

This book is about remembering, remembering what we are together, that Jesus wanted us to see a new Kingdom. Jesus sat down and ate with the outcast, the useless, the discarded, what is low.  When we all show up and do our part, we are the body of Christ.

I receive books free from Thomas Nelson for giving an unbiased review.

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