Monday, April 25, 2011

Book 3 of the Sister’s of The Quilt, WHEN A SOUL MENDS by Cindy Woodsmall is my latest from Waterbrook.  I wasn’t sure about the book at first as my past experience at an Amish novel has been less than impressive. However Cindy had done her research and treated the Amish and Mennonite with respect and understanding. I even found myself envying their plain life somewhat.

It was third and final book of the series so I bought the first two books and read them first. I couldn’t put any of them down until I finished them each.

In the novel the heroine is a young Old Order Amish girl who through circumstances somewhat beyond her control, leaves the order and finds her way in the Englischer world. After 2 years later she unwillingly returns after receiving a call for help from her sister. Old wounds are reopened upon her arrival and she is also thrown together with her former fiancé and she is faced with what she thought were dead feelings.  Cindy draws you into the story and you feel the pain, confusion and betrayal of Hannah. What will she do? Will she find her way to forgiveness? I have found a new favorite fiction writer.

I received this book from free for agreeing to give an honest unbiased review.

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