Friday, May 20, 2011


DEPARTURES is a two book re release by Robin Jones Gunn. This is the first time I’ve read any of her books and even though she writes for young teen girls, I must say I enjoyed the book. 

Robin weaves an interesting story that young girls can relate to and gives some good practical, spiritual advice in the story telling. The first book, Now Boarding at Gate 10 is a Christy Miller novella and part of a series. In this novella Christy has just graduated from High School and on a family trip back to their original home town where she reconnects with a boy she had a crush on before she left.  Read as she works through her emotions drawing on God’s direction and wisdom.

In the second novella, In the Event of a Water Landing is about Sierra Jensen which is also part of a series.  In this story Sierra goes on a weekend trip with her friend from school. They both have just finished Jr High and are going into High School, beginning to grow up and deal with the maze of boy and girl attractions.  Again Robin leads the girls through the conflicting emotions, competitiveness over a boy and does it by drawing their attention to God’s will and direction.

I received this pre-released book from free for agreeing to give an honest unbiased review.

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