Friday, May 13, 2011

JOLT The World is Changing

JOLT by Phil Cooke is a book about the Jolt’s we have in life. The changes we don’t expect that knock us flat sometimes but hopefully will help give us a jump start to a new beginning. The world is changing, sometimes we don’t necessarily like the changes but they are inevitable.  

I think Phil has given us some good advice in the decision making that is involved in moving forward and to be a success. He tells us how to manage our circumstances, our emotions so our reaction will not be a knee jerk reflex. When we make the decisions based on a thought out process we will grow. The way we react will determine our future as well as our present. 

The problem we often see is we haven’t disciplined ourselves to be good decision makers. We too often tend to have no alternative plan and if something unexpected happens we react with emotion. Phil shares how to learn to make good decisions, well thought out ones.

I loved the book, it could be of benefit to anyone either looking to make some changes or someone who had a change dumped on them. Read it.

I received this book from Thomas Nelson free to give an honest review.

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