Sunday, August 7, 2011

Roselle thunder dog

I just finished the amazing true narrative of Michael Hingson, his guide dog Roselle and their triumph on 9/11. Michael worked on the seventy-eight floor of north tower of the World Trade Center when one of the planes flew into it that fateful day.  

thunder dog is the chronicle of their descent down the 1,463 stairs in Stairwell B, the teamwork and the bond of trust between dog and man.  You will relive the story of each step and admire the calmness and the courage. 

Michael was blessed with parents that did not limit him because of his being blind. Because of their allowing him to live as another child he did things many said he could not do. As you read and are engrossed by the recounting of Michael’s journey not only on that day but through the years as he learned to navigate without the benefit of sight.  You will come to understand that blind people are no different than you, other than the inability to see with their eyes. 

I like what he says “God does not present insurmountable problems. Instead, he gives us challenges, waits for us to overcome them and then rejoices.”

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson for a fair and honest review.

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