Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The BONE HOUSE a Bright Empires Novel

The Bone House by Stephen Lawhead was a sequel to The Skin Map. I did not find The Bone House as good or as interesting. I even had a hard time finishing it. 

Mr. Lawhead starts the book by introducing a new character and continues to add new people throughout the book. With so many personalities and story lines to keep up with it is hard to follow & stay focused. I didn’t feel that many of them added to the story line and in fact made it somewhat convoluted. A few of the new characters do have a part to play in the story however I wonder if the story could not have been better told without them. 

The main characters are Kit and Mina and you really want to find out what happens to them. Do they escape and find their way back to the present time and if so how. Does Mina even want to return as she has built quite a life for herself in the time and place she landed? 

The book ends in such a way that you know there will be another book to follow. The question is what will happen to Kit, and where will he land next time?   Possibly some of the new characters add a major part in the sequel. 

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson for giving my honest review.

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