Tuesday, November 1, 2011

FORSAKING ALL OTHERS The Sister Wives Series #2

I’ve read a few books in the past about the Mormon Church when they still all practiced polygamy and I had mixed feelings about FORSAKING ALL OTHERS by Allison Pittman. I have to say she was well versed in their doctrine and although truthful, did not aggressively attack the religion. 

The story is about Camilla, the first wife of Nathan Fox, and how her relationship with God helps her to run away from the church and therefore her husband. Throughout her journey you are shown many comparisons between the original Mormon Church and Christianity. Camilla has hopes that the people she knows and loves, who have been drawn in to the church, will see the truth. 

Camilla had married Nathan against her parents’ wishes and she had not heard from them since she left. Her wish is to let them know she has seen the error of the church and ask their forgiveness.  She makes it back and is reunited with them just before her father passes away. Her focus then is to return and get her daughters so they will not grow up within the church and become ardent followers. 

Allison does a great job of contrasting Christianity with the Mormon Church in a way that shows their similarity along with the differences.  This was a great book and I would highly recommend it.
I received this book free from Tyndale for an honest review.

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