Monday, April 23, 2012


THE 13TH TRIBE by Robert Liparulo is an interesting book that will make you scratch your head, sit on the edge of your chair, challenge your thinking and surprise you at the end. 

The premise is that the Israelites who worshiped the golden calf are cursed with immortality, thus the thirteenth tribe, and are trying to earn God’s mercy and forgiveness. The way they think they need to do it is to avenge people who the tribe deems have broken God’s laws and have seemingly gotten away with it. Some of the original group have come to believe this is wrong and have left the tribe.

One of the main characters is Jagger Baird, an ex Army Ranger and military investigator who has lost one of his arms due to a drunk driver. Since the accident he has withdrawn and is mad at God. He has accepted a job as security and protection for an archaeologist in Cairo at a monastery. He brought his son, Tyler and his wife Beth. They become entangled in the plot of the tribe and their lives are in danger. What will the outcome be? 

I received this book compliments Thomas Nelson for an honest review.

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Christian Fiction said...

Nice review. I think this is one of Robert Liparulo's best. The premise of the 13th Tribe is an intriguing Biblical "what if?" By the way, the publisher has put together a cool online game to promote this book. The game launches this Monday, you can find the details at