Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I received several comments to my last post about Lindell and our journey with cancer. I am grateful for everyone that read and responded and the kind remarks. I’ve thought often lately about those who have been there for us through all of this. There are those who have made a conscious effort to call often and stay in touch. Your love and prayers are appreciated more than you will ever know.

Your calls to Lindell have boosted him in his low points. When you come to this point in your life you are prone to wonder if anyone was impacted by anything you said or did, if you made a difference. It is good to be reminded that when you obey God, He has the final say and your life was not in vain. 

I know I will from now on make a more concerted effort to not only pray for those who are going through things but also to let them know. We are inclined to not know if we should call, to not want to be a bother, to think we don’t know what to say, etc. It’s not having the right thing to say, its just letting them know you are there. 

Thanks again to all those who have been there!

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