Tuesday, May 8, 2012


BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT by Scott MacIntyre is one of the most inspirational books I’ve read in awhile. I watched Scott on American Idol the year he competed and was impressed with him. I have to admit however that I was rooting for Kris Allen as he was from a pastor friend’s church. But after reading his story I am even more impressed and wish I had paid more attention to him during the competition. 
Scott has overcome much more than we saw on the show as he also faced kidney failure, dialysis, and eventually a transplant. However, neither he nor his parents ever played to the handicap/victim mentality and always faced each challenge with a conviction and faith in God.

He faced each obstacle and learned to call them blessings. He used the challenges to give him a determination and grateful heart for all he’s been given. He’s accomplished more than most sighted people and been an inspiration to those who have physical challenges. I loved the book and would recommend it to everyone!

This is a Thomas Nelson Publication however I received it from ScottMacIntyre.com for a fair honest review.

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