Sunday, May 6, 2012


 CODE TRIAGE by Candace Calvert is a hospital drama with romance that showcases the path to honesty, communication and forgiveness. It is a compelling story of a couple, each with an unhappy childhood of rejection that formed who they were, and how it affected their outlook on life, marriage and the professions they chose. 

Nick Stahos is a police officer, Leigh his wife is an ER doctor, who are about to sign the divorce papers ending their marriage. Nick is hoping for a chance to have Leigh to reconsider and she is set on going through with it. Through a series of events that bring them together in a case they reconnect however, not totally in a positive way. Will Nick be able to rekindle the feelings and convince Leigh that he’s changed? Will they both be honest about what brought them to this point? 

Candace Calvert has been added to my list of authors to follow. I enjoyed the book and would recommend it as a good positive book that will hopefully help us all look inward.

Tyndale Publishing provided this book for an honest review.

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