Tuesday, May 29, 2012


1000 DAYS by Jonathan Falwell was a surprise. I admit I was somewhat dubious about reading it with all the controversy surrounding his dad over the years. However, it was a good surprise as I gleaned from it.

Jonathan covers the ministry of Jesus during the last three years of his life up to and including his death and resurrection.  There have been many books and sermons through the years that have attempted to help us to meet and know Jesus, so I was thinking what could he add?

The book is redundant in some places but there are definitely some things to contemplate and that provokes thought.”The rules we create actually obstruct righteousness.” 

He said there are two kinds of hypocrites. The person who appears good on the outside but hides evil in his heart is one we all recognize as a hypocrite. But using Luke 22:33 he also says the one whose heart has been made good but hides the goodness is one.  In essence “..if you’ve experienced the incredible light of God, you don’t go and hide it – that’s hypocritical.”

I came away with much to ponder, note and remember from this book. I do recommend it, especially for a young Christ Follower.

I received this book from Thomas Nelson for an honest review.

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