Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Not done this in awhile, just shared what’s happening in the "Bowman Pad” as Lindell calls our apartment. Life has a way of throwing you a curve now and then, and as most of you know we’ve been traveling a long, unplanned road not of our choice.

Lindell’s cancer, which we thought had been taken care of in 2007, has reappeared and was stage 4 in his liver by the time the doctor’s got to it. Reviewing all that happened in 2007 we remembered the doctor saying casually that there was a spot on his liver but didn’t think it was anything to worry about, so we didn’t.

We continued with the yearly colonoscopies but he began to have pain in that area of his body and it grew progressively worse but a subsequent colonoscopy didn’t show any re-occurrence. The doctor did a CT Scan and then a PET Scan thinking that it was possibly an infection causing the pain. 

The results of the PET Scan showed that the cancer had metastasized not only to the Sacrum but also his liver and there were other spots on the lungs and various other places. A biopsy on the liver showed it was stage 4 and considering that it was also in the Sacrum it was deemed inoperable. 

To alleviate the pain in the Sacrum they prescribed a round of radiation accompanied with small dosages of chemo to aid the radiation. Lindell did not do well with the treatments but it did give him about 7 months pain free. 

At the time of the re-occurrence they offered a prediction of six to eight months life expectancy if Lindell did nothing for treatment and two to three years possibly if he did the full round of chemo therapy. Having seen the affects of the treatments and knowing the quality of life he would have, with little to no extension of time, Lindell decided not to proceed.   He said when God was ready to punch his time clock he would and until then he was going to enjoy life.

That was two years April 26th so he has outlived the prognosis. However, he had begun to decline these last 6 months or so and recently more quickly. He still enjoys his family, which is the benefit of living here in Springfield. We have been blessed to bond with the Grands that reside here, and they all adore their Popee. However, we do miss the ones in California very much.

We are not sure how much longer we will have Lindell with us. He was “64” Monday the 14th so we just take all we can and thank God for it.

We have no regrets of any significance; only like all parents, given the chance, we would do some things different. Spent more time with the boys; encouraged them to be more involved in, and attended ourselves, more of their activities; not allowed the churches we pastored to demand higher standards of them because they were "PK’s". But in spite of our failures they all became young men to be proud of. I thank God that He covered our mistakes with His Grace, as he does so often.


Larry said...

Laura & Lindell, I cannot fathom the difficulties you have had to face through this times. We continue to remember you and the brief time we had together in SoCal. Please tell Lindell we are praying for him and the family. Thanks for your post. We have no other contact for knowing what you have told us.

In Christ's love,
Larry & Carolyn

David P said...

I just want you to know that we at Calvary Temple are praying for you. I have been thinking about a lot of things in past time, some that I'm glad I remember and some I'm having to ask God to help me NOT remember. At the time you were pastors at CT, I remember the fun times such as with Myles, Tony and a few others with the Christian Pathlighters outing.

I also remember a lady who would get after me during prayer service if I was acting up and my parents were getting prayer.
I am grateful for the leadership that, though some would not have thought it affected me, was shown and the correction that I now know was for good and I try to instill in my own children.
From my heart, Thanks to you both, as well as your family, for being a great example of Christ, and once again, know that our church is praying for you all.

Brenda said...

Thanks for sharing your deepest thoughts Laura. Praying for both of you.